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On the Back Bar: A Bartender Podcast for The Drinks Trade

Aug 17, 2020

In this episode of On The Back Bar Podcast, Chris talks to Gabriele Manfredi, a powerhouse in the London drink scene. Originally from Milan, he started out joining the bar team at the renowned Artesian at The Langham, London in 2009.

Before long he moved to the cocktail bar, Nightjar in 2011. Four years later he became Head Bartender at sister bar Oriole and sent waves in the industry for his creative approach to cocktail creation alongside his longtime peer Luca Cinalli. 

Now alongside two other family members, the duo have created Hospitality Gourmet, a cocktail consultancy helping bar programs from Hawaii to India. Their cocktails are known for their visually complex aesthetics and strange ingredients sourced from across the world. 


In this episode, we touch on some of his career and a little exclusive on opening a brand new cocktail bar this year! 




Contact info & Resources:

Insta: gabriele_manfredi

Hospitality Gourmet 



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