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On the Back Bar: A Bartender Podcast for The Drinks Trade

Jul 16, 2021

On The Back Bar. A Bartender Podcast for the Drinks Trade #46 Jason Williams on the 20 pillars of successful beverage consultancy.

In this episode of On The Back Bar Podcast, Chris talks to Jason Williams, the Creative Director of Proof & Company, Asia Pacific’s leading independent spirits company. Under Jason’s leadership, Proof Creative has become the world’s most awarded bar consultancy.

In this work, Proof Creative takes a holistic approach to bar consultancy, working across all layers of guest experience using a proprietary 20 Pillar framework.

He served as Master of Gin at ATLAS, helping to create the world’s largest gin collection and an active Juniper Society. He is also the first member of the Gin Guild in London from Singapore.



Proof & Company

Instagram: Jason Williams

Apollonia Sydney



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